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    "It it the mission of the Blaine County Fire Department to provide the highest level of service to our communities by valuing our members, promoting positive leadership, and dedicating ourselves to excellence. We promote an atmosphere of trust and respect that encouraged individual growth, participation, creativity, and acknowledges the achievements of our members. We support an organization built on a foundation of initiative, collaboration and commitment to efficiency, consistency and results, while attaining the goals of the organization. We are dedicated to providing superior customer service and we plan for change as well as develop management strategies to meet the challenges of the future. We promote, encourage, and participate in partnerships that provide all communities with the highest level of service by the Blaine County Fire Department."

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  • Executive Staff

    Fire Chief: Weathers G.

    Assistant Fire Chief: Vacant

    Battalion Fire Chief: Vacant

    Command Staff

    Fire Captain: Vacant

    Fire Lieutenant: Vacant



Alpine Gaming

Alpine Gaming is a roleplaying community which strives to provide the most realistic yet fun atmosphere as possible. We have a dedicated team of staff members to ensure this happens and even have some real first responders as members of our community. Want to join in on the fun? Fill out an application!