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    Gruppe 6 Rules

    Security Guard Roleplay Rules Table of Contents Section I - Role of Security Guard Section II - Security Guards in America Section III - Regulation of Security Guards Section IV- Powers of Arrest Section V- Equipment Section VI - Security Vehicles Section VII - Security Uniform Section VIII - Closing Statements Section I - Role of Security Guard? It seems that suddenly and randomly, large amounts of security have been getting on lately and not understanding what they can and can't do. These players seem to think that their job is to drive around and act as police. This is 100% false and doing these things will likely result in you being arrested. This guide has been written with reference from my own experience in the industry. A security guard, by definition, is someone who is paid to protect property, assets, or people. They are tasked with enforcing rules on private property, handing out trespassing notices, and conducting audits of the property. Section II - Security Guards in America In most countries around the world, security guards take on the role of auxiliary police and have more authority than in the United States. Private security companies began to grow in the mid-20th century due to the boom of large suburbs. Because a private security company can be contracted, they often have a quicker response time than the police, they became a vital asset in protecting private property from theft, vandalism and transient activity. Security guards have the same arrest powers as any regular citizen. These powers are referred to as a "citizens arrest". Most states have codified the common law rule that a warrantless arrest may be made by private citizens for felony crimes. Security Guards have the right to detain a subject if they continue to trespass on private property. They can also detain people who vandalize property or commit a theft. Section III - Regulation of Security Guards In the United States, the laws governing security guards are pretty vague as to what they can and can’t do. The primary job of a security guard in America is to "observe and report". Their job is to act as credible witnesses if a crime were to take place and only intervene in halting the crime if a person’s life or property may be at risk. In San Andreas there is no governing body or legislation surrounding who can and cannot be a security guard and it is not regulated. This means that pretty much anyone can become a security guard, however felons with felony convictions cannot and will be arrested if found to be employed in a security guard role. A security guard’s jurisdiction rests onto the area they are contracted to guard. Security guards do not have free-roam to drive around and look for crime like you see people doing on the server. That is highly illegal and will get you arrested. You are not a cop, your job is not to act in a manner to stop a crime. Your job is to act as physical presence to deter crime from happening and if it is happening, you are to observe and report the said crime. A security guard can not interfere with law enforcement if they are not on the private property you are protecting. Interfering with law enforcement unlawfully can result in you being arrested and charged with police interference. The security guard cannot transport any persons detained or arrested, as this would be considered kidnapping. Security guards have the full authority to arrest and detain if a crime has been observed. They must immediately inform law enforcement. Security guards can be called on to assist Law Enforcement by a qualified Law Enforcement Officer to assist as a private citizen, but this is only if requested by an LEO. Most states have a licensing authority which regulates security guards and their jurisdictions. Our server does not currently have a licensing authority which means that just about anyone can become a security guard. When performing private asset or personal protection without wearing a uniform and carrying a firearm, you are subject to the rules regarding Armed Private Security, and must conduct yourself in the same manner as if you where wearing a uniform. Section IV - Powers of Arrest An “arrest” includes the actual restraint of a person. But the restraint must be reasonable. But who can make arrests? Well, any police officer or person may arrest another person by restraining them, but only under certain circumstances. A security guard is merely a private person even though he wears a uniform. The security guard may arrest a person when that person has committed a felony, but only if a felony has actually been committed. If the offense is not a felony it must be committed or at least attempted in the presence of the security guard before a citizen’s arrest can be made. Once the security guard has made the citizen’s arrest what does he have to do? The security guard must call the police immediately and turn the person arrested over to a police officer as soon as possible. The security guard must also inform the police officer of the offense the person committed and file a formal criminal complaint. If the police officer decides to release the person arrested by the security guard, the arrest is considered a detention. Section V - Equipment As a security guard, you are likely to carry several different tools on your duty belt. These tools are meant to aide you in the conduction of your duties. Most companies vary on what you can carry and what you can not carry, for legal purposes, but this is a list of some of the things most commonly carried by security guards. Some other items, that are not listed, commonly carried by security guards include firearms and less-lethal interventions such as OC spray, batons, and tasers. These tools tend to be regulated by the state licensing authority and the company at which the security guard is employed by. Baton - A Baton is used as a compliance tool. They can be made from wood, rubber, plastic or metal. The most commonly carried Batons are ASP brand expandable batons. The baton is designed to be used against muscle groups, causing pain and muscle spasms. The baton is not to be considered a lethal weapon, it is designed to be used as a compliance tool against unarmed offenders. Flashlight - Your first important tool is going to be your flashlight. It will help illuminate dark areas and could act as a weapon in the event of an emergency. A flashlight is essential for conducting security operations at night. Handcuffs - As outlined earlier, security guards do have the same arrest powers as a regular private citizen. One thing they can do, however, that most private citizens can not is handcuff people! Arguably there is a time and place for when it is proper to handcuff someone. For example, handcuffing a murderer vs handcuffing a trespasser. Taser - A Taser is classified as a EDW (Electrical Discharge Weapon) this tool is a great non-lethal deterrence weapon used to gain control over the offender. The Taser requires a training certification in order to be carried while working as a private security guard. The Taser is designed to send a electric signal to the central nervous system, causing direct pain and muscle contractions. Handgun - A licensed and armed security guard can carry a handgun while on duty. Carrying of a firearm carries strict ruling. You can only discharge your firearm in the lawful defense of a person or property. Section VI - Security Vehicles Driving a security vehicle is a big responsibility. Driving unlawfully will lead to you losing your driving privileges. Remember, you should drive lawfully and carefully at all times. You are driving city owned property! Security vehicles must be under the following: Brute Stockade (Gruppe6 Armored Truck) Security1 (Gruppe 6 Patrol Vapid) IMAGE SOON Security2 (Gruppe 6 Patrol Charger) IMAGE SOON Security3 (Gruppe 6 Patrol SUV) IMAGE SOON The vehicle’s emergency lighting must be in Amber and White, there are no exceptions to this. Using blue and red lighting while being security is considered police impersonation, you can be arrested, sent to prison, and blacklisted from being a security guard. The vehicle must have a security livery on the vehicle. Your lights are considered warning lights, you may not use these to pull over other players or run through traffic signals, you are not law enforcement! Using them to pull over players is considered police impersonation and will lead to your security license being suspended or revoked. Section VII - Security Uniform A proper uniform is just as is important as a proper vehicle. Security guards must be in uniform. Here's a list of the most popular uniforms. Armored Van Security (Gruppe 6 Uniform) Jewel Heist Gunman (Gruppe 6 Tan & Green Pants) Wearing the proper uniform when working for the different agencies is very important. There are different variants for the Gruppe 6 Uniform, which can all be customized to look unique. Wearing a 2 piece suit will not be an acceptable forum for vehicle patrol security, having a static place (I.E. Bar, physical location) is currently acceptable but you must announce yourself to law enforcement that you are private security. There are no exceptions to this rule. If you are driving the Gruppe 6 vehicles, you MUST wear the Gruppe 6 uniform. UNIFORMS MUST MATCH YOUR VEHICLE! Section VIII - Closing Statements Security is an important industry, providing all backgrounds of people with private and personal protection. Without the private security industry, there would be more crimes that would go unnoticed. Security offers a functional hand to law enforcement when dealing with and deterring crime. Being a Security Officer is a privilege, not a right. You are subject to arrest if you preform any crimes or unconstitutional detention against another citizen. You can be removed from your job by the supervising Law Enforcement Officer, as-well by all staff members in the server for your lack of consideration.

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